We have put procedures in place to help keep everyone safe and healthy. We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation as we return to this new "normal" within the studio. 

Our staff is working very hard to keep your dancer engaged, moving and DANCING!

Drop-off Procedures

  • Enter the parking lot and drive around the building creating a drop-off/pick-up line from Fountain Drive. 
  • All dancers over age 5 will need to be dropped off. We are only allowing a parent or guardian escort for dancers 5 and under into the studio. Parents/guardians entering the studio MUST wear a mask. Once the dancers are called back to class, we ask that the parent returns to their car or outside to wait. 
  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before class time to help with staggering entrances. 
  • You may choose to wait in the parking lot or exit on Crescent Rd. to keep the flow of traffic moving.  
  • Dancers will need to change into their dance shoes before coming into the building. They will also wear their dance shoes out when returning to their cars.
  • Upon entering the building the dancer's temperature will be checked by a touchless thermometer. 
  • Each dancer must sanitize upon entry. 
  • Each dancer will wait in an assigned seat before class. 
  • When their class is called, they will line up and walk back to their designated classroom. 

Classroom Procedures

  • Dancers will put their belongings in a cubby at the start of class. All of their belongings must stay in these cubbies. We will sanitize them after each use. 
  • Each classroom has been taped off to provide each dancer with their own "spot" on the dance floor that is 6 feet apart from other dancers.   
  • All garage doors will be open to maintain fresh air flow throughout the studio. 
  • Face masks are encouraged for dancers especially in the waiting area. Extra breaks will be given to allow dancers to remove the mask while socially distanced.
  • In between classes, rooms will be sanitized and cleaned for the next class. 

Pick-up Procedures

  • After class, students will be escorted to the parking lot for pick-up. Please be on time to pick-up your dancer!
  • Please re-enter the drop-off/pick-up line and your dancer will be walked to your car. Exit the parking lot on Crescent Dr.

When to Stay Home

  • If your dancer has a temperature above 100 degrees
  • If your dancer or anyone in your family is experiencing any flu-like symptoms 
  • If your dancer or anyone in your family believes that may have been exposed to COVID-19