We understand that everyone is looking for something different when they sign-up for dance and we are proud to provide a variety of programs to meet the wants of each and every dancer. Whether you're a beginner or advanced dancer we have a class for you!

Preschool Dance

Ages 2.5-5

Designed for beginners our preschool program is a classic intro to dance with a little extra sparkle! This engaging program helps your dancer learn basic dance steps and proper terminology in a creative and lively setting with lots of props movement.

Class Options:

Pricing: $48/month (one class per week)

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FUN-damentals Program

Ages 5-18

This program is geared towards learning dance technique while focusing on FUN, creativity, socialization and a basic dance foundation.

Class Options:
Musical Theatre

Pricing: $60/month (one class per week)

Performance Teams

Ages 4-18

For dancers looking for more opportunities this group provides local performance opportunities as well as additional growth and time in the classroom! Any IDC student can join the performance team!

Requirements: Must be enrolled in one FUN-damentals class or on a competition team during the course of the season. Must attend choreography date in July.

Performances: 2 local festivals, additional performance in winter and spring shows, local basketball game halftime

Pricing: $25/month + $75 costume fee billed August 1st.

Competition Teams

Ages 4-18

We accept dancers with all experience levels ages 4-18 to our competition teams. Placements are assigned based on skill level, attitide, experience and coachability by the directors before summer. All dancers that sign-up will make the team, but some might be required to take extra technique or private lessons to ensure their spot.

Being a member of a competition team at IDC is a privilege and requires hard work, dedication, teamwork, discipline and a positive attitude.

All competition dancers must commit to a full season and sign a contract ensuring the financial and physical commitment to the team.

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IDC Future Educators

Ages 12-18

Dancers will spend time with our staff and in the classroom working on developing essential skills needed as a dance instructor.

Future Educators is not necessarily for the best dancers at IDC, but those that seek leadership opportunities, training or a future in dance training, education or leadership.

Program Incentives

  • Dancers over age 15 that graduate the program are eligible to be hired as a paid assistant at IDC
  • Dancers over 17 that graduate the program are eligible to be hired as an instructor at IDC
  • Learn to be a part of team/community 
  • Provides a progressing and formalized process to becoming leaders within their studio
  • Empowers students to take care of others, learn empathy, enhance communication skills and take initiative
  • Great preparation for many aspects of life, not just a potential career as a dance teacher
  • Potential job opportunities within the studio

Applications are accepted twice a year for our Future Educators program.