COMPETITION WEBSITE: Find competition info and updates here!

ENTRIES & REGISTRATION: All registrations should be done through the CCA registration system. Entries will be accepted in the order received. Programming and order of dance for all team and duo/duet dances will be in reverse order of payment (first to pay will dance last). The registration deadline is July 15, 2024.There will be NO registration at the door.

JUDGING: Five judges will be used. The high and low scores will be dropped throughout the day and the three middle scores will be averaged. During dance-offs all scores will count towards the final score. 

STAGE CALL & ORDER OF DANCE: A Schedule of Events will be provided in advance. It is the director and dancer's responsibility to be prepared to dance in the order that is listed. There will be two calls for entrants to line-up. If you anticipate a delay due to costume changes ONLY, please notify the competition Emcee ASAP so that modifications can be made.

VENUE: Monroe County Fairgrounds - 5700 W Airport Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403

HOTEL: We have a group rate at Home2Suites 1410 N Walnut St. Bloomington, IN 47403.
Room Rate $119

Link is:

DRESSING AREAS: Dancers will be provided with designated areas to dress and store costumes. All garment bags and costumes should be stored in the designated areas provided. Please do NOT use the seating to store costumes. 

FOOD & DRINKS: We will be selling food and beverages during the event. There will be a designated eating area within the venue. 

MUSIC: Teams, duo/duet, and choreographed solo contestants must provide their own music on phones, ipods or ipads. Please be sure that your device is in airplane mode. Back-up music should be available. Speed checks will be provided off stage via headphones prior to the dance. There will be NO on stage sound or speed checks. Once you start dancing, you have 15 seconds to stop should you have music or sound related problems.

AWARDS: Awards will be presented to all Solos, Team and Duo/Duet Age Division winners placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The highest scoring Amateur, Challenge Junior and Senior Team in each category will receive a Grand Champion award.

OVERALL TEAM AWARDS: Overall category winners will compete in a dance-off, except for Starz teams. There will be 9 Overall team titles: 

  • Starz Team (Awarded by high score)
  • Amateur Jr Contemporary 
  • Amateur Jr Traditional (awarded by high score)
  • Amateur Sr Contemporary
  • Amateur Sr Traditional (awarded by high score)
  • Challenge Jr Contemporary
  • Challenge Jr Traditional (awarded by high score)
  • Challenge Sr Contemporary
  • Challenge Sr Traditional (awarded by high score)


A top 3 will be recognized for overall duo/duet and short duo/duet.

  • Contemporary Short Duo
  • Traditional Short Duo
  • Contemporary Duo
  • Traditional Duo
  • Show Duo
  • Accapella Duo
  • Overall Duo/Duet (Contemporary, Traditional, Show)
  • Overall Short Duo/Duet (Contemporary, Traditional)

The highest scoring duo/duets of each category (Contemporary, Traditional, Show) will dance-off for overall duo/duet. 

1st place short duos in each age division (Traditional AND Contemporary) will dance-off for overall short duo.


A top 5 will be recognized in the following categories: 

  • Overall Choreographed Solo will be determined by high score 
  • Overall Starz solo will be determined by high score
  • Amateur Solos will dance-off for overall for overall male and female
  • Challenge Solos will dance-off for overall male and female
  • Amateur Traditional Solos will dance-off for overall
  • Challenge Traditional Solos will dance-off for overall
  • Acapella Solos will dance-off for overall
  • Modern Solos will dance-off for overall


  • Overall Starz Team
  • Overall Amateur Junior Contemporary Team
  • Overall Amateur Junior Traditional Team
  • Overall Amateur Senior Contemporary Team
  • Overall Amateur Senior Traditional Team 
  • Overall Challenge Junior Contemporary Team
  • Overall Challenge Junior Traditional Team
  • Overall Challenge Senior Contemporary Team
  • Overall Challenge Senior Traditional Team


Saturday, August 3rd 2024

8:30am Dancer Check-In Opens

9:00am Directors Meeting

9:15am Competition begins 

  • Choreographed Solos
  • Starz/Amateur/Challenge Teams (Exhibition Small Team, Exhibition Large Team, Artistic Expression, Standing Line, Open Line, Precision, Traditional Standing Line, Traditional Moving Line, Hoedown, Running Set Hoedown, Running Set Precision, Smooth Mountain Square Dance, Southern Appalachian, Country Hoedown, 4,6,8 Couple Precision)

Choreographed Solo Awards

  • Starz Solos
  • Starz Traditional Solos
  • Starz Acapella Solos
  • Starz Modern Solos

Starz Team Awards
Amateur Team Awards
Challenge Team Awards

  • Amateur Solos
  • Challenge Solos
  • Amateur Traditional Solos
  • Challenge Traditional Solos
  • Acapella Solos
  • Modern Solos
  • Solo Callbacks (if applicable)

Starz Solo Awards

  • Team Dance Offs

Amateur/Challenge Solo Awards

  • Short Duos

Team Overall Awards

  • Contemporary Duo/Duets
  • Traditional Duo/Duets
  • Show Duo/Duets
  • Traditional Short Duos
  • Acapella Duo/Duets

Duo/Duet Awards


Team Dancers: $20.00 per dancer per category
Solo Dancers (Contemporary, Traditional, and Acapella): $18 per dancer
Choreographed Solos: $45.00 per dancer
Duo/Duets: $40.00 per couple
Spectators: Free
T-shirts: $24

Please Make Checks Payable to:

Indiana Dance Company
c/o Stephanie McGovern
713 Abigail Lane

Ellettsville, IN 47429


Venmo: @indiana-dance-co


Stephanie McGovern- 812-322-2225
Maddie Walls – 812-320-5365


1410 N Walnut St.
Bloomington, IN 47403

Room Rate $119

Contact: 812-668-5999

Hotel is a 12 minute drive to the competition location.

If the group rate fills up, please contact Stephanie at