We have created a pricing structure that includes alll performance and costume fees for the season as well as class tuition.

By incorporating all fees into your monthly installments, we aim to make budgeting easier for our dance families and eliminate any surprise costs down the road. This means you can focus on what truly matters - your dancer's growth, progress, and the excitement of preparing for our spectacular performances!


  • Q. Am I paying more?

No! There are ZERO price increases with this structure - only a combination of tuition and performance fees. 

  • Q. What if my dancer is not participating in the performance? 

If your dancer is not able to participate in the performance you must let us know by email by 8/1/24. We will adjust your pricing to only pay the monthly fee. 

  • Q. My dancer is on a team, does this affect me? 

Dance Teams: You have the option to opt-in to all-inclusive pricing on your team sign-up form. If you take additional classes and opt-in to those class performances then you will be billed for those costumes on 10/1.

Clogging Teams: Since you are mid-contract you will not have the option to apply all-inclusive pricing. It will be available to you in your next season contract (2025).

  • Q. What exactly does all-inclusive pricing include?

Monthly tuition, performance participation fee, performance costume, garment bag, performer medal or gift

  • Q. I would like to pay the entire fee at once, but I don’t see the option in the parent portal?

We don’t have the ability to preset this option in our system, but you can navigate this one of two ways. 

  • Email us that you would like to be charged for the entire semester and we can set that up for you. 
  • Make a payment for the total amount and the overpayment on your account will be offset throughout the season. 
  • Q. My dancer is in multiple classes, but only wants to perform with one class - how does this affect my pricing?

Monthly tuition would remain the same, but the all inclusive fee would change. If doing one class performance add $20 a month to your tuition to tally your all-inclusive total.